Keeping Your Hardwood Floor Warm

Hardwood flooring is among the most elegant features you can have in your home. Unfortunately, wood may get quite cold during the winter, and it may warp if you aren’t very careful about how you go about heating it. Read on to get some tips on getting the most out of your home’s heating system unit, and stay comfortable in your home without damaging its beautiful floors. You can also read more at

Combining Aesthetics and Comfort

No one wants to have to put thick wool socks simply to go to the bathroom. But it can be quite tricky to keep your wood floors comfortable in the winter. A radiant floor heating system is among the most popular methods that one may use to keep their floor warm – but even though it works well with tile or stone floors, it warps wood, which takes it off the table as a choice for many homes.

In fact, even more traditional forced-air air conditioning and heating systems can destroy your wood floor if you happen to turn it up too high and fail to pay attention to the humidity levels. Instead, it is best to use the tricks below in order for your home to remain beautiful and comfortable:

Make Sure You Have Good Insulation

Better insulation is the answer to the vast majority of air conditioning and heating efficiency question. Making sure your home does not leak heat to the outdoors through its doors or windows goes a long way in helping you keep the thermostat set to lower temperatures – which not only saves you money, but also reduces the chance of the hardwood drying out.heating system

Cover Your Floor with A Rug

Indeed, it can be a bummer to place a rug over your shiny hardwood, but it is better than letting it bend and crack. A good, thick rug allows you to walk on your floor without freezing or having to increase the temperature too much. And don’t worry – it’s just for the winter. When spring comes, you can simply roll up your rug and enjoy your hardwood floor again. If you are not willing to use a rug, a new layer of finish on your floor can seriously improve its longevity and insulation.

Keep Your Home Humid

Humidity levels that are below 30 percent can seriously damage your hardwood. If your home happens to dry out too much when heat is running, a home humidifier may help you counteract the effects of your air conditioning and heat system. The humidifier will also be able to improve your health.