How to Choose the Best Furnace for Your Home

Oil and gas furnace can provide efficient heat to a home or business. With the right heating system installed, they can heat a room completely and be controlled easily from one central location. Some heating systems can even help clean the air and reduce allergens. These heating systems are durable and require few repair in their lifetime. While they can last for a long time, they will not last forever. In time, they will need to be replaced. Finding the correct replacement for your furnace is not simple. Here are some things you need to consider before purchasing your next one


Before choosing a new heating, you need to make sure the models you are considering are compatible with the old heating system. Does the new model fit in the same space as the old one? Does the new one use the same type of heating fuel as the old? If the old one was a small natural gas unit and the new one is a larger oil furnace, you will have to consider the cost of changing the fuel lines.

Sophistication of the Furnace

furnaceMany of the older furnaces have simple controls. The newer models have sophisticated controls that allow greater flexibility when it comes to controlling the heating system. With a new heating system, you can control the temperature in individual rooms and program the thermostat to turn the system on and off during the day, based on your needs.

Installation Speed

If you are purchasing your furnace in the heat of the summer, the speed of installation may not be a factor. However, if your old furnace dies in the middle of winter, you want the furnace installed as quickly as possible. If you have two furnaces to consider, the speed of installation may be the deciding factor in certain circumstances.


When shopping for a furnace, you must consider the initial cost. However, it cannot be the primary consideration. What you should look for is a furnace that offers the most benefit, in your price range. You may want the fanciest furnace on the market, but if it will negatively affect your budget, it is not the best choice.


Since a heating system is a high-end purchase with a long lifecycle, you want to make sure you are covered for any problems you have, especially in the beginning. Look for a brand that will cover repairs on the furnace for several years. Having warranty coverage can help ensure the furnace does not incur any additional expense.

The Company Selling the Furnace

A furnace is a significant investment. Before buying a heating system make sure the company selling and installing the system have a good reputation. The company should be known for the customer service, warranties, and reliable service. Read reviews and get recommendations from friends and family members to help choose the right company.

Now that you know the important factors when selecting a new heating system, you can use this information when selecting a furnace replacement.

Choosing the Perfect Air Conditioner for Your Property

Keeping the home cool during the warmer weather is easier than ever now that there are plenty of different cooling options available. As a homeowner, you can choose to buy an affordable unit to add to your living room and bedroom windows or get one of the HVAC systems that keep the entire home comfortably cool. Each person has their own opinion on which system is the absolute best, but there are several reasons why you should consider the HVAC system over the traditional window unit you are familiar with using

1. Save Some Space

If you use a window unit, it may stick out inside your home and outside of your property. It likely takes you a while to fit it perfectly into the window and screw it in to make sure it is secure before you start using it too. However, the HVAC system gets installed in the backyard or on the side of the building, so you never have to mess with it again when the weather gets warm. You would no longer have to worry about those window units taking away from the beautiful appearance of your home either.

2. Save Energy and Money

HVACThe HVAC will help you keep the cool air inside your home, even on the hottest days of the year. Most importantly, it does not have to cost you a lot of money to keep the property at a decent temperature. When using a window unit, you may waste more energy because you have to turn it up on a higher setting to get the room to feel cold enough. With the HVAC system, you can simply set it to an ideal temperature and enjoy a comfortable temperature all the time.

3. Keep the Entire Home Cool

While window units do not have the ability to cool an entire home at once, the HVAC unit can keep each room inside the property cool. It is better to use this kind of system than to install an individual window unit in every room or suffer in the heat while you are in the kitchen and other rooms with no air conditioning.

4. Install? — No Problem

You may already use the HVAC to heat your home in the winter. In that case, you would not have to do much work to start bringing in the cool air on those hot days. If you do not already have any equipment installed, the professional technicians can install it in the right spot outside of the property and then make sure it works properly.

5. Get Colder Air at a Faster Pace

The forced air used by the HVAC system comes up from the vents at rapid speed. When you feel hot and sweaty, you do not want to sit around and wait for 30 minutes or more to start feeling some relief. The HVAC system brings as much cool air to the different rooms in your home as possible. It works more efficiently and faster than a traditional window unit.

Air conditioning systems are convenient for keeping things cool when the weather outside is extremely hot and humid. While window units work well enough to bring some cold air into a property, it is obvious that the HVAC system is the best choice. If you can afford to invest in this system, you will not regret it.

Keeping Your Hardwood Floor Warm

Hardwood flooring is among the most elegant features you can have in your home. Unfortunately, wood may get quite cold during the winter, and it may warp if you aren’t very careful about how you go about heating it. Read on to get some tips on getting the most out of your home’s heating system unit, and stay comfortable in your home without damaging its beautiful floors

Combining Aesthetics and Comfort

No one wants to have to put thick wool socks simply to go to the bathroom. But it can be quite tricky to keep your wood floors comfortable in the winter. A radiant floor heating system is among the most popular methods that one may use to keep their floor warm – but even though it works well with tile or stone floors, it warps wood, which takes it off the table as a choice for many homes.

heating systemIn fact, even more traditional forced-air air conditioning and heating systems can destroy your wood floor if you happen to turn it up too high and fail to pay attention to the humidity levels. Instead, it is best to use the tricks below in order for your home to remain beautiful and comfortable:

Make Sure You Have Good Insulation

Better insulation is the answer to the vast majority of air conditioning and heating efficiency question. Making sure your home does not leak heat to the outdoors through its doors or windows goes a long way in helping you keep the thermostat set to lower temperatures – which not only saves you money, but also reduces the chance of the hardwood drying out.

Cover Your Floor with A Rug

Indeed, it can be a bummer to place a rug over your shiny hardwood, but it is better than letting it bend and crack. A good, thick rug allows you to walk on your floor without freezing or having to increase the temperature too much. And don’t worry – it’s just for the winter. When spring comes, you can simply roll up your rug and enjoy your hardwood floor again. If you are not willing to use a rug, a new layer of finish on your floor can seriously improve its longevity and insulation.

Keep Your Home Humid

Humidity levels that are below 30 percent can seriously damage your hardwood. If your home happens to dry out too much when heat is running, a home humidifier may help you counteract the effects of your air conditioning and heat system. The humidifier will also be able to improve your health.

Insulate Your Windows with Bubble Wrap and Water

If you’re tired of the high cost of heating and air conditioning your home, there are many great ways that you can save money and insulate your windows. Windows are perhaps the largest air leak in any home. You can lose cool air from the air conditioning or you can lose heat from your winter heat source. This method will save you time, money and help you to stay warmer or cooler depending upon the season at hand


Investing in Your Windows

Your windows are perhaps the reason that you’re paying more in utilities. Believe it or not, there is a simple, cost efficient way to insulate your windows and likely you have exactly what you’ll need already. That’s right, you’re not going to have to spend a dime of your hard earned money to insulate those windows. While it’s recommended that you buy triple paned windows with gas trapped inside, it’s not always the most cost-effective way to deal with your current situation.

The great news about this is that you can do this repair yourself without spending anything. You’ll be warmer and happier in no time. You won’t have to buy one of those expensive kits, you won’t have to use tape or any type of glue and you’re going to laugh when you realize how the solution was right in your own home.

Simple Intervention Saves Heat & Air Conditioning

So here is all you need. One spray bottle filled with water. All the bubble wrap that you can find in and around your house. It’s that simple. Here’s how it works.

Using your spray bottle, spray the window that you’re going to insulate. Just spray it lightly.

Take a piece of bubble wrap and fit it to your window size, you may have to cut it to make it fit properly.

Now place the bubble wrap on the window and press it gently to the window. It will stick.

That’s it, you’re done. No tape, no glue, hair dryers, expensive its or renovations required. It’s that simple. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to see out of your windows however, you’ll still get the light in your home. It can add additional privacy as well as insulation so it’s ideal for that window that you don’t want others peering into but you still want the light. It’s that simple.

Failing to Maintain Your HVAC System Could Be Costly

There is no way to know when the next emergency will arise. Did you know that 25% of Canadian households do not have any money put aside to cover the cost of emergency HVAC repairs? Among the portion of the population that has money set aside to cover emergency repairs, half has $1,000 or less, which might not cover the cost of getting a new furnace installed. You need to be prepared and have some money put aside to avoid finding yourself with no heat in the middle of the cold winter

hvac system

Why HVAC Systems Break Down

A recent report found that a fifth of HVAC systems break down were caused by the same common issues. These are the most frequent issues that lead to emergency repairs:

– Dirt accumulates on dirty filters
– The pilot or ignition stops working
– Wear and tear cause the HVAC system to stop functioning
– The thermostat malfunctions

According to the Ministry of Energy, these air conditioner problems are the most common:

– The refrigerant liquid leaks
– Electric controls stop functioning
– The sensor does not work properly
– Issues are caused by a lack of drainage

You might find yourself in a very difficult situation if you do not have enough money in your bank account to cover the cost of having your HVAC system fixed. You might have to do without heat or without AC, which is not even an option in the winter. You might also have to borrow money from friends and family or simply apply for a loan. Not having any money put side means you will probably have to settle for the cheapest repairman you can find and might not be able to purchase a new furnace if you need one. You will end up spending more if you opt for cheap repairs or borrow money to fix your HVAC system due to interests. It is best to be prepared for this situation.

How to Avoid an HVAC System Breakdown

If you have encountered any of the common issues listed above, you will probably need some major repairs soon. You might even have to replace your AC unit or your furnace. The following tips will help you prepare for this situation because your HVAC system will eventually break down:

Maintenance is very important, especially if you have an old system. You can make your HVAC system last longer by performing regular maintenance and could avoid a breakdown. You will also be able to plan for any necessary repairs since you will have a better idea of the shape your HVAC system is in.

Put some money aside to cover any repairs. You need to put aside as much money as possible every time you get paid. You will have peace of mind and will be able to cover any necessary repairs in case your HVAC unit breaks down during the winter months.

Think about signing up for a home warranty program. You can buy a warranty that covers your furnace and AC unit. The program you join will cover the cost of any repairs as long as you properly maintain your HVAC system.

Have The Right Experts Maintain Your HVAC System

You should schedule a tune-up for your HVAC system if it hasn’t been maintained in a while. Call an expert HVAC technician to have your system inspected, cleaned and any necessary repairs done.

What Type of Heating and Cooling System is the Best Choice for Homeowners?

When it comes to heating your home, there are numerous options. You may wonder which heating and cooling system is best for your home. This is a good thing to consider considering each type of heating system has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, electrical heating is expensive while heating with wood is inexpensive. However, heating efficiently with wood is very difficult. Solar heat works great when the sun is shining; however, what happens when the sun goes down? Most people decide that an HVAC system best fits their needs because of the convenience it offers. Here are some of the reasons that you should choose an HVAC system

Energy Efficiency

Years ago HVAC systems were not efficient and wasted a lot of oil and gas. The systems work by burning these substances to produce heat. Today, however, the energy efficiency is much better, with most having an efficiency rating of 90 percent or higher.

Easy to Use

Heating and CoolingYou can control your heating and cooling temperature settings from one central location. You can easily change the temperature of your entire home by simply raising or lowering the thermostat that is centrally located in your home.

Providing Comfort

A forced air unit provides you with comfortable heat that can be enjoyed in each room throughout your home. The heat fills each room evenly which means there will be no cold and hot pockets in your home. Finally, there is no need to hover over a vent to stay warm.


Few household appliances last as long as an HVAC system. Additionally, these systems rarely require any repairs. HVAC systems come with long warranties. This means that you can rest easy, knowing that you have made a sound investment.

HVAC Systems Look Great

The heater that is part of the HVAC system is small and you will hardly even know it is there. The only thing that will be visible inside your home are the vents that the heat and air come out of. Most other types of heating systems have units that sit directly in your homes. Many homeowners consider these eyesores.

Cleaner, Healthier Air

The air that is blown out of the heating and cooling vents in your home has passed through a filter. The quality of air is highly dependant on the type of filter you use and its overall quality. For example, a high quality HEPA filter is perfect for allergy sufferers because it cuts down the amount of pollen, pet dander and dust in the air.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to choosing an HVAC system. These units offer many advantages not found in other heating systems. The provide year-round comfort in every room of the home. You will no longer find hot and cold spots in your home. HVAC systems help filter the air, making them a great choice for those who suffer from allergies. Additionally, HVAC systems look great and are hardly noticeable indoors. All you will see is heating and cooling vents around the perimeter of your rooms. Finally, HVAC systems are manufactured to provide comfort for years to come.